Wishing our Maple Place family a wonderful 2023! Great to see everyone back at school today! #ChargingAhead
3 months ago, Maple Place MS
Mrs. Hahn's Science classes participated in a hot cocoa lab where students compared methods of heat transfer (conduction) & variable temperatures. They compared the dissolving rates of hot and cold cocoa, and then they all enjoyed their own cup of hot cocoa. #ChargingAhead
3 months ago, Maple Place MS
Hahn 2
Hahn 1
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The 8th graders serenaded the halls to get us into the holiday spirit!
3 months ago, Maple Place MS
Singing 1
Singing 2
Reminder - Wednesday, November 30th through Friday, December 2nd are early dismissal days with a 12:15 dismissal! Parent / Teacher Conferences will be held tonight and tomorrow night from 6-8pm and Friday afternoon from 1-3pm. #ChargingAhead
4 months ago, Maple Place MS
Early Dismissal